Cover Reveal Alert!

Stop the presses, hold the phone, and shut the front door! We have a Christian Romantic Suspense novel WITH A GUY ON THE COVER.

ColdShotSM If you’re not familiar with Inspirational Romantic Suspense you may think this is not a big deal. Well, let me assure you, IT IS. (Sorry I’m really excited about all caps today I guess.) There are lots of women on covers, lots of couples on covers, lots of dimly lit streets, but VERY FEW hunky guys. Mainstream romantic suspense is a completely different story. Now granted this guy is fully clothed, (Thank goodness, I don’t think the market’s ready for shirtlessness yet, lol.) but there’s a little bit of 5 O’clock shadow going on…

Cold Shot is the first in a new series by author Dani Pettrey and I’m afraid it doesn’t come out until February. In the meantime give Dani’s Alaskan Courage series a try. They’re pretty good even if the covers all have women on them. 😉

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