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Esther by Rebecca Kanner

Okay, so I know I said I was done with Esther, but I’m changing my tune because Rebecca Kanner totally grabbed my attention with her new novel Esther which comes out in November. I was intrigued by Kanner’s previous book about Noah’s wife, Sinners and … Continue reading

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Biblical Fiction Roundup Day 2: Tosca Lee

As one of Ted Dekker’s* co-writers, Tosca Lee is already set up as a big name. With her most recent title, The Legend of Sheba, she sets herself up to gain even more ground. Sheba isn’t typical Inspy biblical fiction. It reads … Continue reading

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New Trend and an Awesome Website

I think I might be seeing a trend in fiction about Judas Iscariot… Tosca Lee’s Iscariot comes out February 5th – I’ll be reviewing this one soon, I love Tosca Lee! The Judas Gospel by Bill Myers also looks pretty … Continue reading

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If you like Ted Dekker…

I just finished Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. I am a fan of both these authors, but if you are not, let me STRONGLY encourage you to check them out! Ted Dekker writes high-adrenaline, thought-provoking, (and sometimes confusing) fantasy/horror/suspense. Tosca Lee’s writing … Continue reading

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