Biblical Fiction Roundup Day 1:In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar

Since Biblical fiction is so hot right now, I’ve decided to devote an entire week of posts to Biblical fiction titles I’ve read recently. And yes, I know today is Wednesday, I’m on a rolling week. (See title of this blog if you have questions.)

I’m starting with Tessa Afshar, who is probably my all-time favorite Biblical fiction author.
Mainly because she doesn’t avoid depicting biblical characters and culture honestly. This can be uncomfortable for some of us, especially if you struggle with biblical society’s attitudes toward 4840_942_1 women, or the harsh realities that permeated their lives. She doesn’t pull any punches in these areas and her portrayals of women and the ancient societies they lived in are stronger for it. Tessa Afshar reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Francine Rivers. In her Lineage of Grace series, Rivers tells the stories of the women in the lineage of Christ and highlights the theme of redemption that flows through these Old Testament stories. (Great series, I highly recommend it!) Tessa Afshar does this as well, or maybe even better than Francine Rivers. I know that’s high praise, but she deserves it. It can be hard to give readers a fresh take on well-known biblical characters, but Tessa Afshar does this spectacularly with Ruth in In the Field of Grace.

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