New Megan Whalan Turner


I just put this on hold at my library!

The Queen’s Thief is one of those rare series where the sequels measure up to the first book. If you’ve not read The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner you should go do that. Right now. It’s INCREDIBLE.

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Isle of Stars!!!

I don’t know how I missed this, but Wayne Thomas Batson has written a sequel to Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire!

Isle of Stars


The wedding of Griffin “Cat” Thorne and Anne Ross is on! Or is it? Captain Tobias Dredd, the infamous pirate “Toby Scratch,” has been scouring the South Pacific, searching for Father Carroll, a member of the clandestine holy warriors known only as The Brethren. When Dredd’s ship, The Red Corsair, levels a Brethren monastery, Declan Ross and the crew of The Robert Bruce are called upon to pursue Father Carroll and maintain his safety at all costs. The hunt for Father Carroll is on between Ross and Dredd. At stake: the lives of everyone involved and a treasure worth three times the world. For Father Carroll alone knows the location of The Isle of Stars, and he knows its secrets.

I may have squealed when I saw this. I’m a huge fan and although I’ve fallen behind on reading his books, (there’s a lot, what can I say) he’s still one of my go-to recommended authors for tweens and teens.

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Genre Discovery & Clean Content Issues (Plus a Website Plug!)

I helped a lady discover Inspirational Fiction today!

Well, sort of. I had just finished waxing eloquent on the glories of* to a co-worker, when a poor unsuspecting customer walked up with a handful of Inspirational fiction titles and I pounced.

Me: Do you read a lot of Christian fiction?”
Poor Unsuspecting Customer: Oh, is that what these are?
Me: Um…well, yes, technically…
Poor Unsuspecting Customer: Oh, well I get a lot of these [Love Inspired paperbacks] because I don’t have to worry about the sex in them.
Me: *thunks head on desk.*

Actually, I told her she should check out if she ever had a moment and wanted to find some new authors or similar titles. This really bears up my findings that most people really do read Christian/Inspirational fiction for the clean content. So keep writing clean fiction, the people want to read it. Sigh.**

* is totally AWESOME! It’s my go-to website for all things Inspirational Fiction! It has monthly e-zines you subscribe to, author interviews, coming soon lists, and it covers all publishers! Check it out HERE.

**Disclaimer: Not that there’s anything wrong with clean content, but there are other reasons to read Inspirational fiction. Like, y’know, the plot, or the characters, or the faith element for crying out loud!

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TBR Thursday

It’s been a busy Fall folks, but I got some reading done over the holidays and I wanted to let you know what’s in my TBR pile for the next couple of days.

Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey (Yes, the Christian Inspirational Romance with A GUY ON THE COVER)

The Painter’s Daughter  by Julie Klassen

And last, but not least THE NEW TESSA AFSHAR NOVEL THAT I JUST FOUND OUT EXISTED, Land of Silence.



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Enclave Publishing Giveaway

Rel over at Relz Reviews is hosting a pretty awesome GIVEAWAY for 6 titles from Enclave Publishing!

I’m particularly excited about Ronie Kendig’s new release Embers, just out today. Ronie’s previous books have been contemporary romance/suspense (which I liked) so I’m anxious to see what she does in the speculative genre!

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