Review – The Dopple Ganger Chronicles by G. P. Taylor







I just discovered the Dopple Ganger Chronicles by british author G.P. Taylor. I’m not a huge graphic novel fan but these are AMAZING! They’re from Tyndale house (Yay them!) and they’re for ages 8-12. I’m going to have to buy them. They’re similar to The Invention of Hugo Cabret in style, and they’re called illustranovellas. (How awesome is that word?!) See Teenreads interview with Taylor here.

At Isambard Dunstan’s School for Wayward Children, life is trouble for 14-year-old identical twins Sadie and Saskia Dopple and their friend, former thief Erik Morrisey Ganger. But what starts out as a perfectly normal day of food fights, rioting classmates, fires, and (yawn) threats of expulsion goes suddenly and horribly wrong when a mysterious, wealthy woman appears at the school and adopts Saskia . . . without her sister.

On her own in a mansion full of dark secrets, Saskia stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens her very life. Meanwhile, in a desperate attempt to find her, Sadie and Erik escape from the orphanage with a gang of enemies in hot pursuit. Faced with madmen, wild dogs, treasure seekers, and an otherworldly visitor with a secret message, the trio must decide who to trust—and what to believe—if they are to survive long enough to find each other again.

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  1. illustranovella is indeed an amazing word. these are awesome! 🙂


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