Genre Discovery & Clean Content Issues (Plus a Website Plug!)

I helped a lady discover Inspirational Fiction today!

Well, sort of. I had just finished waxing eloquent on the glories of* to a co-worker, when a poor unsuspecting customer walked up with a handful of Inspirational fiction titles and I pounced.

Me: Do you read a lot of Christian fiction?”
Poor Unsuspecting Customer: Oh, is that what these are?
Me: Um…well, yes, technically…
Poor Unsuspecting Customer: Oh, well I get a lot of these [Love Inspired paperbacks] because I don’t have to worry about the sex in them.
Me: *thunks head on desk.*

Actually, I told her she should check out if she ever had a moment and wanted to find some new authors or similar titles. This really bears up my findings that most people really do read Christian/Inspirational fiction for the clean content. So keep writing clean fiction, the people want to read it. Sigh.**

* is totally AWESOME! It’s my go-to website for all things Inspirational Fiction! It has monthly e-zines you subscribe to, author interviews, coming soon lists, and it covers all publishers! Check it out HERE.

**Disclaimer: Not that there’s anything wrong with clean content, but there are other reasons to read Inspirational fiction. Like, y’know, the plot, or the characters, or the faith element for crying out loud!

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