The Deliverer by Sharon Hinck



I’ve been waiting 8 years for this book! The Deliverer by Sharon Hinck released two days ago on July 21st. Deliverer is the newest book in the award-winning Sword of Lyric series. It is a sequel to The Restorer which is one of my 12 Favorite Books of All Time. The last book in this series, The Restorer’s Journey, came out in 2007, so this has been a long time coming! The author was unable to write due to health issues for several years.

From 2011-2013, Enclave Publishing released expanded editions of the earlier books (The Restorer, The Restorer’s Son, and The Restorer’s Journey) which are worth checking out, but after 8 years we finally have another sequel! I’m going to order my copy today and I’m confident that it will have been worth the wait!

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1 Response to The Deliverer by Sharon Hinck

  1. Anjanette says:

    I got mine. 🙂 I have two books in line ahead of it, but I’m excited!!


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