Biblical Fiction Roundup Day 4: New Authors

Yesterday we talked about classic Biblical fiction authors so today I want to focus on some newer authors. These are all authors who’ve arrived on the Biblical fiction scene within the last 5-6 years.


I’d like to start with The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem. I love Martha. She gets a bad rap, but I’ve always identified with her. I also find the story of Lazarus fascinating, especially in the way Jesus interacts with Mary and Martha after Lazarus has died… Anyway, I was pretty excited about this one and I really liked it. Landsem’s Martha hides a secret shame beneath a perfect exterior. She takes care of herself and her family because no one else can. When Lazarus is dying she has to decide if her secrets are worth his life. A beautiful story of forgiveness and freedom.

Other Authors

  • Jill Eileen Smith – I haven’t read her yet, but The Prophetess, out in February 2016 is about one of my favorite Biblical characters, so I’ll probably be giving that one a try.
  • Ted Dekker – Dekker is also getting in on this trend with A.D. 30.
  • Mesu Andrews – She writes about lesser-known characters, which I think is awesome!
  • Cliff Graham – I really like Cliff Graham. I’ve blogged about him a lot.
  • Lynne Gentry – Biblical fiction. With. Time. Travel. (!!!!!)
  • Joan Wolf – Also writes romance for the secular market.

For more check out Ginger GarrettRoberta Kells Dorr, and Diana Wallis Taylor.

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2 Responses to Biblical Fiction Roundup Day 4: New Authors

  1. Thanks for your roundup of Biblical fiction and for your kind words about The Tomb, A Novel Of Martha. I had always wanted to write about Martha, you’re right — she does get a bad wrap! And yet, she showed such great faith in the end, when her brother was dead and still she went to Jesus and said, “Whatever you ask of God, he will give you.”


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