Biblical Fiction Roundup Day 3: The Classics

Biblical fiction is not a new genre. It’s enjoying a resurgence, but it’s been around for a while. So today I’m giving you a list of classic authors. But first, a bit from me about Queen Esther.

One of my biggest frustrations with Biblical fiction is that the same characters tend to be written about over and over again. (There are only so many women in the Bible to pick from after all.)ESTHER_BethanyCover-692x1024 Esther, Ruth, and Rahab are the big three. I’m really done with Esther. Like, REALLY. DONE. So I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea for me to read Esther by Angela Hunt, but I tried. I didn’t get very far. That should not discourage you from giving it a try though. Angela Hunt is AWESOME and I’ve loved her other books. Hunt’s Esther is more realistic than others I’ve read. This is not a romance or a fairy tale. Angela Hunt has a Master of Biblical Studies in Theology and it shows in her writing. She knows her stuff. If you’re looking for a realistic depiction of Esther’s story, not One Night with the King, give this one a try.

Anyway, here’s your list of Classic Biblical Fiction Authors in no particular order. These are the greats for a reason folks, check them out.

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