Predicting the Future…Or Something Like it…

Ahem. I can now predict the future.

No, really! How you ask?
Well, I can’t predict your future or tell you when the price of gas is going to go up, but I can totally predict trends in the Inspirational Fiction market. if you insist on proof, a while ago (Okay, a long time ago, this post was unavoidably delayed) I attended Library Journal’s Christian Fiction Book Roundup webcast. I asked two questions about Inspirational fiction trends and the publisher representatives actually answered both of them! (And no one else’s, maybe I was the only webcast attendee…)

Anyway, according to the publisher representative panel, the following Inspirational Fiction Trends should be on your radar. Romantic Suspense. (No surprise here, but Inspy romance is changing, so it’s worth paying attention to this trend.) World War II and American Revolutionary historicals are gaining popularity, but other lesser known historical time periods (read: not “Prairie Fiction” *Happy Dance*) are also gaining momentum. Biblical Fiction is definitely coming back (which I predicted two years ago) and Teen Fiction is also gaining ground in the Inspy market. (Which I also predicted here.)

So there you have it. Proof that I can predict trends in Inspirational Fiction. Now whether or not that’s a useful skill is still up for debate…

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