New Middle Grade Favorites

I’m participating in a Juvenile and Young Adult Reading Challenge right now, a contest between several library systems to see who can read the most Middle Grade and Young Adult literature. I won’t win, (SIGH…) but I’ve discovered some new favorites! Book-eighthday340 InquisitorsMark_revised_final-198x300First, The Eighth Day and its sequel, The Inquisitor’s Mark Dianne K. Salerni. The concept is an extra day of the week that only some people (called transitioners) know exists! Of course there’s some people that only exist on the eighth day of the week making for some complicated math… Anyway, throw in some ties to Arthurian legend and a plot to destroy the world and you have this series. I just finished The Inquisitor’s Mark last night and now I’m all like, “What the 3rd book isn’t out yet! NOOOoooooooooo!!!!!”tumblr_inline_n2lyrdF2r71sc4c1wtumblr_inline_n2lyxlKyxb1sc4c1wtumblr_inline_n2lyplJjMT1sc4c1w

Second, JAMES RILEY. If you haven’t read his Half Upon a Time trilogy you should. Like, right now. I love fairy-tale retellings, and Half Upon a Time is one of the best I’ve read in a while. Jack, the main protagonist, is the son of Jack [and the Beanstalk.] A main protagonist who’s not a girl/princess/prince is a refreshing departure from the retold fairy-tale formula. And it’s HILARIOUS.

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