Team Novel Teen Blog Tour: Daughter of Light by Morgan L. Busse

“What if with one touch you could see inside the soul?

Rowen Mar finds a strange mark on her hand, and she is banished from her village as a witch. She covers the mark with a leather glove and seeks sanctuary in the White City. She lives in fear that if she touches another person, the power inside her will trigger again, a terrifying power that allows her to see the darkness inside the human heart . . .

But the mark is a summons, and those called cannot hide forever. For the salvation of her people lies within her hand.”

Warning: rambling commentary ahead. I’ve loved Fantasy ever since reading Lord of the rings in 6th grade. Eventually I ran out of fantasy by Christian authors and moved on to more secular works. While some of them are fantastic, pun intended, they’ve never resonated with me the way more allegorical stories do. A fantastic example of this is The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks which I liked. (It’s been called a Tolkien knock-off, but I’ve never seen a problem with that.) The Sword is a mirror that shows its bearer a reflection of their true selves. How the sword-bearer handles this knowledge illuminates the nature of characters and drives the plot forward, but it never goes any further than that. In Daughter of Light, Busse takes a similar device to the next level adding the depth and redemptive meaning that is often missing in more secular works. Stories like Daughter of Light are the reason I love the fantasy genre so much.

Morgan L. Busse writes speculative fiction for the adult market. She is the author of Daughter of Light and Son of Truth, the first two books in a series from Marcher Lord Press. Morgan lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children.

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5 Responses to Team Novel Teen Blog Tour: Daughter of Light by Morgan L. Busse

  1. Hi Claire! I wanted to stop by and say thank you for being a part of this tour. I’m glad you enjoyed Daughter of Light!


  2. Love allegories too! Have you read Hinds’ Feet on High Places & Mountains of Spice? This book reminded me a little of them.


    • addlibrarian says:

      I’ve read Hind’s Feet but not Mountains of Spice. I think my favorite thing about reading Christian Fantasy is seeing how they portray God in their world. I thought Morgan did a great job in Daughter of Light. R.J. Larson and Karen Hancock are some of my favorite authors for that.


  3. worthy2read says:

    I agree! RJ Larson is another good fantasy author. Karen Hancock and Kathy Tyers are my favorite space/futuristic fantasy writers. Love that the aount of speculative fiction is growing for tweens, teens and adults — and so is the quality of writing . . .


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