If We Survive, Andrew Klavan, and the 2013 Thriller Awards

“We were in the cantina waiting for a bus when Mendoza walked in and shot the waiter dead.” ~ If We Survive


That opening line hooked me and wouldn’t let go. A missions trip in Central America goes horribly wrong when Will and his friends are caught in the middle of a violent revolution. The latest novel from Andrew Klavan, (whom I’ve raved about beforeIf We Survive is masterful writing. The non-stop action draws you in and and keeps you furiously turning pages, yet Will’s internal struggle to make sense of the violence around him will make you consider your own beliefs about poverty, patriotism, and sacrifice. A great read from start to finish! Also, Klavan is a nominee for the 2013 Thriller Award in the Best Young Adult Novel category! (And the only nominee from an Inspirational publisher, btw.)

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