Forgotten Castles Series

The forgotten castles series by Jamie Carie includes The Guardian Duke, which I’ve previously reviewed here, The Forgiven Duke, which came out July 1st, and A Duke’s Promise, which comes out in two weeks!

This was a great series from start to finish. I loved the locations! The series starts in England, but the characters travel to Ireland, Iceland, (Yes, Iceland!) France, and Italy. *Spoiler alert* By Balloon! *End spoiler* Jamie Carie is one of my favorite Inspirational Romance authors. My favorite novel of hers is Angel’s Den, about a woman trapped in an abusive marriage and the man who fights his attraction to her even as he longs to protect her. Carie’s heroes are what makes her stories and the Duke is no exception, he’s completely swoon-worthy! I liked Alexandra, but I was rooting for the Duke. He’s the reason I kept reading.

Note: Jamie Carie’s style resembles main-stream romance more than most Inspirational Romance. This is due to a combination of slightly unrealistic (but totally awesome!) plots and the aforementioned swoon-worthy heroes.

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