What! You’re Supposed to sleep at night? Nah…

So I stayed up really late again this week. Here’s what I was reading…

First Date by Krista McGee (Teen)
     The president’s son needs a date for homecoming! The solution? A bachelor-style reality-TV show with contestants from elite private schools around the country! Addy can’t believe her bad luck when she is selected to ‘represent’ her small private Christian school. Strategy? Tell the first son she wants to be sent home asap. Unfortunately this strategy backfires when her outburst is caught on national TV. Oops. And the first son isn’t totally repulsive… Can Addy remain true to her beliefs, avoid demonization on National TV, and get the guy? 
     I really enjoyed this one. It’s a modern-day take on Esther (more to come on Biblical tales masquerading as children’s books) and it was fun and lighthearted, but also had dealt realistically with witnessing and how to maintain integrity in the face of hostile opposition.
* I recieved a NetGalley copy of this book for review purposes.

A Texan’s Honor by Shelley Gray (Adult)
     Jamie is on her way to Kansas City when her train is robbed by the infamous Walton Gang. Her only hope of survival is gang member Will McMillan. There is more to Will than it seems, but will he risk leaving the gang to keep her safe? 
 I liked this one enough to put the sequel on hold, but I was disappointed with how one of the minor characters storyline went. (I bet there’ll be a sequel about him though so there’s that.)
* I recieved a NetGalley copy of this book for review purposes.

The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie (Adult)
     Lady Alexandria Featherstone’s parents are dead. The King orders Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton to be her guardian. Gabriel is busy with his own responsibilities, and trying to maintain the appearance of health even as he seems to be losing his hearing. But he begins to correspond with his ward and slowly begins to fall in love with the writer. Alex is sure her parents aren’t dead. She undertakes a risky journey to Ireland by herself to track them down. Can Gabriel find her before it’s too late?
The Guardian Duke is a great example of why I love Jamie Carie! Be warned that this is a cliffhanger and the sequel, The Forgiven Duke, doesn’t come out until July.  AARGH!!!
* I recieved a NetGalley copy of this book for review purposes.

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