The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

   Left destitute after the death of their father, Annabel’s family has dodged their obligations for too long. They must pay up or one of them must serve as an indentured servant to the new lord. Feeling guilty for her family’s laziness and desperate to escape an unwanted suitor Annabel voluteers. She finds unexpected comfort in her new home and forms a friendship with the scarred lord of the manor. When events put them both in danger, it’s up to Annabel to choose the path that will save them both.        

     The Merchant’s Daughter is Melanie Dickerson’s second book following The Healer’s Apprentice which I liked, but Merchant’s Daughter is better. The writing is better and the story is tighter. I love a good beauty and the beast retelling, but it was the romance that hooked me. Annabel’s desires to meet her family’s obligations, learn more about God, and serve those around her are more attractive to Lord Ranulf than her outer beauty. Her actions compel his respect and he wants to protect her. Like Boaz and Ruth in the Bible, Annabel and Ranulf must learn to see past the outward appearance to the truth within the heart.

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8 Responses to The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

  1. I liked the The Healer’s Apprentice alot, but I also agree that the writing was tighter and improved in The Merchant’s Daughter. I also might be a bit biased since Beauty and the Beast IS my favorite fairy tale after all. lol

    Good review! 🙂


  2. novelteen says:

    Thanks for the review! I loved your comparison to Boaz and Ruth. That’s an interesting comparison. I liked Merchant’s Daughter better than Healer’s Apprentice, too. I just really loved both Annabel and Ranulf’s characters. Fun book.


  3. Oh, wow! I never thought of their story being similar to Boaz and Ruth but I can totally see that! Fantastic tie-in! 🙂


  4. Jessica says:

    Ooh! I’ll have to read this! I read The Healer’s Apprentice and liked it, so I’ll be looking forward to this one. Glad I’m not the only adult female who still loves a good fairy tale! 🙂


  5. Ohh, that’s a good comparison, Boaz and Ruth! Great review!


  6. addlibrarian says:

    Jessica: You are absolutely not alone. I absolutely love fairytale retellings! I think I’m going to have to do more posts about them..

    I think it was when Ranulf started to defend and protect Annabel that I was reminded of Ruth and Boaz. I also loved that while Annabel had to see past the ugliness of Ranulf’s outer appearance, Ranulf had to see past the beauty of Annabel’s outer appearance. That was kind of a cool and unusual twist!


  7. Amanda says:

    I think I might have to try this one out, since I’m a sucker for a good Beauty and the Beast retetlling.;)


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