The Anatomy of Faeries

Illusions is the newest book in a terrific faerie series by Aprilynne Pike. Laurel is perfectly ordinary. Riiiight… Not so much. Laurel is actually a faerie changling, planted (no pun intended, but in this series, faeries are actually a highly developed form of plant!) to infiltrate the human world and help safeguard the last gateway into Avalon! For previous books in the series click here.

I’ll be honest, I may have, kind of, possibly, (skimmed) through Illusions really quickly. I had to know what happened! In a stroke of genuis, Pike brings faery guard Tamani out of faeryland and drops him into Laurel’s high school! And into the middle of Laurel’s relationship with her human boyfriend, David, by the way. The plot also thickens as Laurel & co. continue to tangle with trolls determined to seize control of Avalon. Who is the myterious Klea? Will Laurel choose David or Tamani? Wait, rogue faeries? Where is Laurel going to go to college? All these questions will be answered…..have to wait until the release of Destined!  Arghhh!!!!!!!

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