Teen Fiction for Christian families

                       Teen fiction has exploded in popularity.  Twilight, Gossip Girl, The Hunger Games…  Many Christian parents have reservations about giving their teenage girl the newest version of Twilight.   Some are questioning if teen fiction is too “dark.”  See article here.  The good news for librarians, parents and kids is that there are some terrific Christian YA authors who are writing some great books!  Here are three of my favorite authors to recommend to parents who want their kids to be reading something Christian, wholesome, or un-satanic.

Bryan Davis writes great teen fantasy.

Jenny B. Jones writes contemporary fiction for girls.

Wayne Thomas Batson writes adventure and fantasy fiction for kids and teens.  (My husband loves this author!)

For my full list of Authors writing Christian teen fiction, check out my bibliographies menu or click hereNovelteen is also a great place to look for Christian teen fiction.

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