Why I [don’t] hate Twilight

Yes I read the Twilight series, I’ve seen all the movies, and I did like them.  Yes, she uses the word pain in Eclipse like, 200 times, and yes there are definitely themes that I’m uncomfortable with, but there were some that I liked. 

First, the salvation question.  The Cullens are “vegetarian vampires.”  They struggle against their baser nature to do what they believe is right.  In much the same way, we as humans struggle against our baser “human” nature to do what we believe is right.  Carlisle believes that perhaps the effort they’re making will have some pull with God, but Edward believes they are beyond hope.  So, do the Cullens get credit for trying?  Or are they doomed by something they didn’t choose and can’t help?  Of course that’s the best argument againt the existence of vampires for me, God wouldn’t allow something like that I don’t think.  Of course what about Demon possession?  God can free people from that.  And people often make choices that influence that.  I don’t think Demons can overcome our free will.  Not that I’m an expert.  Hey, that would be an interesting vampire novel!  Vampirism only affects those who somehow accept or choose it, sometimes naively or unsuspectingly, a remorseful vampire crys out to God, and is changed back…  Hmm.  Tracey Bateman did a great job with Thirsty, contrasting the thirst of alcoholism with the thirst of vampirism.  (Can’t wait to read her new one btw.)  

     Sorry rambling took over there.  Back on track, I think we can see a Mormon element here with the need for works.  We as humans can’t overcome our nature on our own, (another piece of my novel idea here, vampire tries to overcome on his own first) God has to do it for us.  Which is the whole salvation by grace thing.  I kept hoping Meyer would explore this further, but she never did.  Humph.

The second theme I liked was the great job (in my opinion) that she did in Eclipse of contrasting Bella’s options and the choice she had to make between Edward and Jacob.  Edward=Eternal youth with your soul mate.  Jacob=A natural life, children, growing old together.  Reading these as a newly-wed, there was something about the aspect of the natural life with Jacob that appealed to me very much.  Of course Meyer didn’t do what I wanted here either.  She does that a lot which brings me to my final point…

WHERE was her editor?!?  (Spoiler alert)  Breaking Dawn tied up a lot of loose ends in a nice little bow.  Nobody dies, Bella never kills anyone, everyone is happy!  Even Jacob!    (Despite the fact that he got nothing he wanted.  Bella is a vampire married to Edward, but it’s ok ’cause he gets to be with Bella’s daughter!  ick.)  Breaking Dawn should have ended for Jacob the way Eclipse ended for him.  Running off unhappily into the woods not to be heard from for a very long time.  There’s your bittersweet ending and Hello!  Jacob spin-off series!  Tons more money! 

So seriously, where was the editor?

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