Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers is hands down one of the best christian fiction writers out there.  Rivers’ Marta’s Legacy series was in the works for three years.  I’ve enjoyed all of her books, but her recent titles haven’t had the same bite as earlier works. A.k.a. The Atonment Child, Redeeming Love, or The Last Sin Eater.  I wasn’t especially impressed with Her Mother’s Hope, (which is basically the first “set-up” half of the whole) but she brings it back with “Her Daughter’s Dream.”  This series spans four generations of women who are caught in a vicious cycle of fear, hurt and guilt from one generation to the next. I’m not usually one for “women’s fiction,” but the authors portrayal of God’s redemption of these women was amazing. I cried. Which is rare for me.  Don’t miss this one.

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